Hippocrates Sintech general priorities, as a company, are intended to guarantee the security and to be be fully compliant with the regional policy in force. Access management, availability, property, authorization, reliability, authentication and confidentiality are the most important factor in Hippocrates Sintech security policy.

In managing www.iarplus.it web site, Hippocrates Sintech keeps a strict security policy through the implementation of the following measures:

  • Role-Based Usage: the application allows different levels of access to users, with different levels of authority within the app.
  • Data Security: Hippocrates Sintech uses all the measures to protect the server where the application is located. The server we use is isolated from internet by firewall, that is a system both hardware and software which stops unauthorized accesses.
  • Encryption: all communications between users and iAR Plus server are protected by SSL AES 256-bit. This is one of the highest level of cryptography currently available on the market.
  • Privacy: Hippocrates Sintech has internal policies to guarantee data privacy and confidentiality. We won't share data with third parts. Your data will be only yours.
  • Login ID and Password: the access to your account is controlled by the combination of login ID and password at your choice. The existing rules virtually eliminate the chance that an unauthorized user can access to the system. Your password in the clear won't ever be saved in the system. Your password is archived by a one-way hash code and verified using the same code at every login. None in Hippocrates Sintech knows your password. If a user forgets his password, the recovery will be done via e-mail.
  • Auto Log-off: www.iarplus.it protects you from accidentally forgetting personal information operating in your browser. www.iarplus.it will end your work section if you correctly login but not operate in the system for a fixed time period. This measure prevents others to use your credentials in the system when it's forgotten to logout.
  • Digital certificate: iAR uses a digital certificate released from one of the main Certification Authority Server. This guarantees the confidentiality of the communication between your device and Hippocrates Sintech servers.
  • Sensitive information: www.iarplus.it manages all the information according to its privacy and confidentiality policies. We kindly ask you to follow the policies of your Institutions in communicating sensitive information during clinical practice.
  • Storage and information maintenance: in order to obtain more information concerning storage, please contact Hippocrates Sintech writing to info@hippocrates-sintech.it.
  • Data integrity: www.iarplus.it uses the most recent technologies so that the data are always available and the access to site is continuous and without interruption. A daily data backup is performed and seven ones are conserved.
  • Firewall: the data center Hippocrates Sintech uses takes all the reasonable measures to protect data in its servers.
  • Remote wipe: no data is saved locally and all data are erasable solely and exclusively from web.
  • How can I protect my privacy? To protect your privacy is recommended:
    • Not to share with anyone your password and username;
    • To remember to logout at the end of your work session;
    • To choose a password made of capital and lowercase letters and numbers;
    • To install an antivirus software and a firewall in every device used to access to www.iarplus.it;
    • To update security systems (antivirus, firewall) in every device used to access to www.iarplus.it.

Genoa, 29/09/2021